GNFS to address fallen standards in sports

DOII Timothy Affum

DOII Timothy Affum

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), says priority will be given to sportsmen and women in the next recruitment as part of efforts to address the fallen standards in sports within the service.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the service, Timothy Osafo- Affum DOII, said the GNFS is concerned with the decline in sports within the service and would put measures in place to revive it.

As a proof to improve sports, the service, he said, has instituted a sports awards ceremony that will reward servicemen and women who have excelled in the field of sports.

“Fire Service used to be the number one as far as sports within the security services are concerned but currently at the bottom and we believe there should be an urgent approach to address the situation,” he stated.

The awards, he said, would go a long way to appreciate sportsmen and women who raised the image of the GNFS and also encourage the present and upcoming personnel to take sports serious.

“There hasn’t been recruitment for the past three years and our sportsmen are aging and unable to compete with the young competitors from the other institutions. We need young ones to replace them to get our sports back on the right path,” he stated.

The GNFS, he said, needs to get vibrant and young persons recruited into the service to replace those fading out.

He added that sports has been used to enhance the image of the service for the past years and would ensure it is revived going into the future.

“Sports is a way of bridging the poverty barrier in the country and parents must encourage children to take up sports,” he stated.

On the upcoming awards, slated for December at the GNFS headquarters in Accra, he said the event is aimed at rewarding past and present sportsmen and women for raising the image of the service through sports.

ADO I Akporh Edward of the sports department of GNFS, said about 38 sportsmen and women would be awarded on that day.

The disciplines would include handball, hockey, football, boxing, wrestling, volleyball, basketball and athletics.

He added that, sports must be encouraged in institutions as the very active personnel in the service are sportsmen because they have the strength and stamina.

 By Michael D. Abayateye

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