GNFS holds fire safety w/shop for staff of Fisheries Ministry

Avolunteer trying to put the fire off

Avolunteer trying to put the fire off

The District Fire Commander of Ministries Fire Station, Divisional Officer II (DOII) Naomi Ofori-Adubea has advised Ghanaians to regularly contact the Fire Service for help in dealing with safety issues.

She said per instructions from the Chief Fire Officer, Edwin Ekow Blankson, all service commanders were required to make time for safety interactions with residents within their jurisdictions to help avert any situation that could lead to loss of lives and properties.

Speaking in Accra on Friday when the Ministries Fire Station organised a fire safety workshop for staff of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, she said such interactions could be possible if Ghanaians make the time for such engagements.


The workshop was focused on causes of fire, classes of fire, method of extinction, the uses of fire extinguishers and types of extinguishers.
It also involved a demonstration of fire fighting for all the staff of the Ministry.
DOII Ofori-Adubea noted that fire outbreaks were rampant in the whole world with Ghana experiencing its own share, which have resulted in considerable damages to lives and properties.


The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), she said exist to prevent and manage undesired fires and advised the staff to keep in mind all the demonstrations to be able to implement same in their various offices and homes.
Additionally, the commander asked them to refer to the training handouts given them by the GNFS, and urged them to keep the emergency contact numbers of the fire stations handy to contact them when the need arises.


In order to prevent any unforeseen danger, DOII Ofori-Adubea noted that fire audits had been conducted at almost all the ministries with concluded reports forwarded to the various ministries.


The workshop followed similar exercises at the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Railways Development, Ministry of Works and Housing, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, Office of the President Annex, Ghana Water Company Headquarters and other establishments within the Ministries enclave.

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