GNFS explains issue of high-rise buildings

Dr. Albert Brown Gaisie,Chief Fire Officer

Dr. Albert Brown Gaisie,Chief Fire Officer

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has explained the statement made by the Chief Fire Officer to the Public Account Committee (PAC) concerning high-rise buildings.

Reacting to the report yesterday, the Public Relations Officer, Timothy Osafoa Affum, said Dr. Albert Brown-Gaisie appealed to Parliament to enact a legislation which would give the GNFS the power to stop the construction of a high-rise building if it did not meet fire safety requirements.

The legislation, he said, was needed to make the service more efficient in checking fire safety measures implemented in the country.

He said such a support had become imperative due to the emerging trend of constructing high-rise buildings which posed many challenges in fighting fire outbreaks in them.

Mr. Affum explained that Dr Brown-Gaisie’s request was intended for a legislation to stop high-rise buildings which did not meet safety requirements, stemming from the fact that the GNFS sought to effectively fight fires on high-rise building whenever they occurred in any part of the country.

He said the GNFS wanted a review of the Fire Precautions Premises Regulation that allowed it to give certification to high-rise buildings.

According to Mr. Affum, simulation exercises performed in Accra over some high-rise buildings, revealed that some of such buildings did not have space for the fire personnel to operate during fire outbreaks.

He said the GNFS currently did not have the power to stop the construction of a high-rise building which did not meet requirements, hence the request.

By Charles Amankwa

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