GMA: We won’t listen to any mere talks

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has warned that its members would resign enbloc on June 30, since nothing is being done to address their conditions of service.

The GMA says the doctors would not compromise on their stance, if the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations fails to move beyond mere talk and address its concerns.

Frank Serebour, the General Secretary of the GMA, issued the warning, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times in Accra.

He was reacting to a statement by the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, that there was no need for the doctors to embark on an industrial action, since the government had already initiated discussions with them on acceptable conditions of service for the Ghana Health Service

Dr. Serebour said the situation where nothing concrete had been done beyond roundtable discussions would not address The conditions .

The Ghana Medical Association, a fortnight ago, gave an indication of its members’intention to resign en block after June 30, shortly after the leadership had met with the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations over their conditions of service.

The Minister, however, in a reaction to the issue, said the government is working round the clock to address the concerns of the doctors.

Dr. Serebour said since then, all that the Ministry had done was to call them to several meetings without showing any willingness of dealing with the issue at stake.

He said the doctors would want to see a document of their conditions of service, duly signed for it to take effect before the strike action could be called off.

Dr. Serebour emphasized that the conditions of service was not about money but rather a conducive environment in which doctors could work and give of their best to their clients .

By Lawrence Markwei

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