Global Evangelical Church holds Catechists’ confab

Rt. Rev  Edem TetteyThe Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, Rt. Rev. Dr. Edem Tettey, has called for peaceful co-existence between catechists and pastors to ensure the development of their congregations.

He said “when catechists take up their rightful positions as assistants to their pastors and eschew all negative tendencies of rubbing shoulders with them, they stand to enjoy divine blessings that affect even their families”.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Tettey was addressing the 2015 National Catechists’ Conference/Seminar of the G.E.C. at the Adaklu Wumenu Convention Centre of the Church in the Volta Region.

It was on the theme: ‘Walking with God the Holy Spirit as Catechists’.

The Moderator said “the Church expects the Holy Spirit to move mightily in the congregations” but explained that “this can only happen when the catechists and the pastors play their roles in a peaceful atmosphere”.

He said, the relationship between catechists and pastors could best be described as what existed between John the Baptist, which he referred to as ‘John the Catechist’ and our Lord Jesus’ Christ.

“You must learn from John the Baptist, if your calling as a catechist would be a blessing to you and your family,” he said adding that, the role is a subservient one, and you must accept it as such”.

The president of the association, Catechist Aklamanu, was grateful to the Lord for His sustenance, mercy and love enjoyed over the past year as individuals and as an association.

Mr Aklamanu urged his colleagues to be conscious of the leadership of the Holy Spirit and desire the presence of God to abide with them always in the discharge of their duties.

Other Speakers included Rev. Prince Tefe, the Synod Clerk of the Church, Rev. S.D.K. Dumevi, the immediate past Inter-Church Relations Secretary and Senior Parish Pastor of the Kotobabi branch of the Church and Mrs Dieu Donne Ahiabor, a Professional Counsellor.

It was under the aegis of Rev. D.M. Banini, the Ho Presbytery Chairman.

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