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Glo Mobile Ghana says the recent increase in its data subscribers by over 1.4 million in just one month is because of network upgrade that resulted in a 42mb/sec download speeds on its network nationwide.

“We have upgraded our network to 42mb/s download speed nationwide,” the company said in a statement.

The most recent mobile data statistics published by the National Communications Authority (NCA) indicated Glo made the biggest gains in the mobile data market with a whopping 1.4 million plus additional data customers in just one month.

“Glo finished January 2015 as the highest subscriber gainer with 2,091,600 subscribers as compared to the December 2014 figure of 668,424. Their market share at the end of the month under review was 2.48 per cent,” the NCA report said.

Meanwhile, Glo has not been very impressive on the voice market. Its voice subscriber base saw a marginal decline from 1,450,382 to 1,438,929 over the same period, indicating a decrease of 0.78 per cent. This pushed their market share to 5.17 per cent.

Clearly, Glo has more data customers than voice customers; at least 652,671 more.

However, Akeem Kazeem, Glo Ghana Head of Business said  Glo’s voice service was also superior, but customers were getting more sophisticated and therefore opting more for its data services than voice.

Within last year, Glo saw marginal increases to its data subs month after month like every other telco did, but in the last two months before the close of the year it actually recorded some decline in data subs.

Between October and November, 2014, its data subs dropped from 680,000 plus to a little over 672,000; then it dropped further to 668,000 plus in December 2014.

So the huge increase between December and January, just after two consecutive months of decline, has stunned industry watchers.

Very often, smaller players have not been able to maintain their gains over the long term, but Mr. Kazeem said Glo was poised to maintain its winning ways on the data market and continue to add more voice and data customers going forward.

“We are positioned to maintain more than these customers over the long-term as we are continuing the upgrade and expansion of all our facilities nationwide. We have still not reached our optimum capacity, and as the latest entrant in the market we have huge potential in terms of network capacity and quality,” he said.

He noted that data subscribers were fast growing across networks largely because customers were getting more sophisticated and are adopting smart devices, adding that currently Glo, for instance, had a data to voice customer ratio of 1:5 and they expect that to grow significantly over the year, on the back of its various value offerings.”We believe we offer the best voice and data services in the market at reasonable and competitive prices,” he said, adding “Glo Kappah, for instance, is one of the best products available in this market and it is gaining huge popularity and doing good.”

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