GJA chases thugs of Hassan Ayariga for assaulting journalist

Mr.Hassan AyarigaThe Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has called on the Ghana Police Service to investigate and bring to book thugs of Hassan Ayariga who assaulted a Ghana News Agency (GNA) correspondent, Jerry Azanduna ,in Bawku.

A statement signed and issued by the GJA President, Roland Affail Monney in Accra yesterday, described the attack as “an uncivilised behaviour and a pure act of lawlessness”.

It said the attack on Mr. Azanduna was very distasteful, an impunity against freedom of the press and an infringement of the fundamental human rights of the journalist.

The statement reminded the public of Ghana’s constitution which provides several avenues for seeking redress with regards to reportage they considered unfair instead of taking the law into their own hands.

Recounting what resulted in the physical attack on Mr. Azanduna, the statement explained that the attack stemmed from claims by Mr. Ayariga that the GNA reported an “untrue” story about him which he suspect was written by the GNA correspondent.

It said the said story was about an attack on Mr. Ayariga by a batik tie and dye designer in Bawku who allegedly slapped Mr. Ayariga, sending him sprawling on the ground.

The statement said Mr. Ayariga reacted to the story in other media outlets and later called on GNA management in the Upper East Region to protest against the story but did not contest the substance of the story.

According to the GNA reporter, a group of young men called to invite him to a press conference to be addressed by Mr. Ayariga and arranged to pick him up in a vehicle.

When they were approaching the venue, they told him the press conference had been rescheduled to a different location and took another route.

Realising that he was unsafe, the statement said Mr. Azanduna used his phone to call for help but other passengers in the car began to beat him as they drove to Mr. Ayariga’s house.

Upon reaching the house, Mr. Ayariga ordered the people to beat him which they obliged until some security personnel who had received complaints of the attack came to rescue him.

By Times Reporter

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