GJA, BUSAC sensitise media on private sector

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• The dignitaries on the high table are (from left to right): Mr. Adongo, Mr. Koney, Mr. Gebara, Dr. Spio-Garbrah and Mr. Monney.

The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) in colla-boration with BUSAC Fund, an advocacy group for the private sector, has organised a workshop on media orientation on private sector development, to sensitise journalists about the importance of the sector.

The workshop, themed: “Using the Media to Raise Comprehensive Coverage of Challenges Facing the Ghanaian Private Sector”, was held to particularly encourage journalists to give effective coverage of the business sector

Mr. Affail Monney, president of the GJA, addressing the participants said the programme was to inspire them to focus on developmental journalism, so as to contribute practically to poverty alleviation, self employment and job creation.

Additionally, he said it was to galvanise participants to show a greater interest in the development of the private sector and highlight the key challenges of the sector in a consistent and comprehensive manner.

“The workshop is a strategic platform for promoting specialisation in the area of the private sector development, particularly in business, finance and economic journalistic format,” he said.

Mr. Monney said the programme was also to help establish various platforms for operators in the private sector to interact with public officials for the articulation of their concerns and also to get the needed responses.

Dr. Ekwow Spio-Gabrah, Minister of Trade and Industry, said his outfit was working vigorously to promote made in Ghana goods which he said, was very important to the ministry.

He said, for instance, if Ghanaians patronised clothes made in Ghana, it would encourage the textile industry to produce more, employ more people and ultimately boost the economy.

“I will, therefore, encourage the GJA to join us in our quest and sensitise all journalists to make it their policy to wear Ghana made products on Fridays to project our cause,” he added.

Nicolas Jorgensen Gebara, Manager of BUSAC Fund, said a constructive way of addressing challenges facing the private sector was to create conducive and enabling environment for the sector to thrive and facilitate the growth of the economy.

Mr. Gebara said BUSAC would focus on providing support to business advocacy actions of national importance, including issues relating to green growth, climatic change and rights-based advocacy to facilitate fruitful collaborations between the private and public sectors.

Mr. Wisdom Adongo, Project Officer of Private Enterprise Federation said the private sector was a key partner in national development as “it creates jobs, fulfils its corporate social responsibility and pays tax to generate revenue for government, among others.”

He applauded the GJA for holding such a historic project that sought to promote and enhance the development of the private sector.

Mr. Sulemanu Koney, Chief Executive officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, said the mining sector was faced with so many challenges including decline in gold production and cost competitiveness.

By Baaba Crentsil           

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