‘Give Special Needs Pupils, Students Attention’

The Coordinator of the New Horizon Foundation of the Blind (NHFB), Mr Eric Ofori, has expressed regret at the half-hearted approach towards special needs pupils and students in schools.

He said “progress towards inclusive education by 2015, appears to be tottering and the message seems to be that the regular system still exists, you come and try to integrate”.

Mr Ofori was speaking at the inauguration of a 10,000 euro Braille Production and information and Communication Technology Centre for the blind and low vision in Ho.

It was funded by the German Association for the Support of the Blind.

Mr Ofori said the process of bringing up mainstream teachers to appreciate methodologies for inclusive education was slow and cash-strapped.

He said font sizes of textbooks were still small and mainstream teachers still unable to identify the special needs of their pupils.

He said society must move away from the charity module of relating with People with Disabilities (PWDs) towards the module of regarding PWDs first as human beings.

Mr Ofori called for a diligent inquiry into causes of high failures in the Basic Education Certificate Examination, in case the occurrence had to do with learning difficulties.

He said computers with appropriate programmes were as important for people with no or impaired vision as for the sighted. GNA

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