‘Girls from poor homes engage in early sex’

NANA OYE LITHUR,Gender Minister

NANA OYE LITHUR,Gender Minister

Ms. Deborah Kwablah, Communication adviser for Palladium, an NGO specialised in reproductive health has hinted that, 14.7 per cent of young girls raised from poor families engage in early sex.

According to her, the poor conditions into which they were born forced these young ones to practice early sex with the motive to get money for survival. 

Ms. Deborah was speaking at this year’s International Youth Day held in Koforidua on the theme “The road to 2030, eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable production and consumption”.

She indicated that to achieve the target of eradicating poverty for a sustainable production, there was the need for all stakeholders to intensify adolescence reproductive issues to curb the menace.

She added that the effects of early sex were teenage pregnancy because many young ones were unaware that they could be pregnant on the first time of sex and even when they are not menstruating.

Ms. Deborah said until that was tackled, poverty among the poor families would continue to be an inheritance since all the young ones would be giving birth very early, as well as increase in the number of school dropouts.

Mr. Ras Mubarak, Chief Executive Officer of National Youth Authority, expressed concern about the high rate of unemployment among the teaming youth.

He indicated that there would have been abundant job for the youths in this country if Ghanaians patronised local products.
From: David Kodjo, Koforidua.      


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