GHS promotes healthy lifestyles

Dr.Gloria Quansash Asare(inset) addressing the press conference. photo Ebo Gorman.

Dr.Gloria Quansash Asare(inset) addressing the press conference. photo Ebo Gorman.

The Deputy Director General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Gloria Quansah-Asare, has asked the public to embrace healthy lifestyles and lead good lives.

“Simple and common health knowledge such as regular washing of hands before eating and after visiting the toilet, avoiding alcohol, drugs and tobacco among others are the everyday things to do to take care of your health,” she said.

Dr. Quansah-Asare was speaking at a conference held in Accra on Friday to brief the media on the Good Live programme, aimed at promoting healthier, happier and long life for increased development.

She explained the “The Good Life is about simple actions, the doable actions that lead to making the right choices to protect ones health”.

Dr. Quansah-Asare stated that Good Life would educate pregnant women on the importance of antenatal clinic and eating of balanced diet.

Secondly, on New Born Care, it asks caretakers of children under five to practice early and exclusive breast feeding for the first six months of a Childs life, register the baby at birth and sleep under insecticide treated net at night with the baby, among others.

The refreshed brand also integrates healthy living messages and how it must be done within the third to fifth stages of life which spans from adolescent to elderly.

The Chief Party of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mrs. Joan Schubert asked Ghanaians to think about good life in a new perspective of healthy live and not about the acquisition of wealth only.

By Linda Naa Deide Aryeetey and Lisanne Dornoff  

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