Ghana’s judiciary still trustworthy –President

Pres. Mahama

Pres. Mahama

President John Mahama has appealed to Ghanaians to trust the country’s judiciary, unmindful of allegations that some judges and other officers received bribes to circumvent the delivery of justice.

Some of the culprits were also allegedly engaged in sexual favours to throw out cases.

The President, who is currently on various engagements in the United States of America, including attending the United Nations General Assembly, posted on his Facebook yesterday that the bribery allegations would not affect the delivery of justice in the country.

He maintained that the judges, judicial officials and policemen caught on video by ace undercover journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, allegedly taking the bribes and extorting moneys should be a fair hearing, even though they might deny others that right.

“I always supported, and will always support the rule of law and our justice system. What we uncover these days is that some people, judges, judicial officers and policemen, seemed to be willing to transgress the principles of a fair justice, to their own interest.

“Such persons should be subjected to what they, perhaps, denied others: a fair investigation and a fair trial. Sometimes the principles are to be re-learned the hard way, because justice should always be served,” he wrote.

He added: “We must also understand that this is a problem of some people who may or may not be guilty: it’s for the investigators and the judges to decide. However, this is not a problem of our judicial system as a whole.

This is not something to make us lose our faith in the judicial system. On the contrary, the investigations that began recently prove beyond doubt that our justice system is intact and working, served by many people with integrity and determination.

“I urge every one of you to keep faith in the system. Justice will always prevail.”

The country was rocked by a massive scandal in the judiciary early last month, when 12 high court judges, 22 lower court judges, dozens of judicial staff and police prosecutors were caught on a three-hour video taking bribes to change the course of justice.

They are currently facing various forms of disciplinary actions and criminal investigations.

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