Ghana’s democracy ‘anaemic’–IDEG

Mr.Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director,IDEG

Mr.Emmanuel Akwetey, Executive Director,IDEG

The Executive Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), Emmanuel Akwetey has bemoaned the lack of “dialogue” and “consensus” in Ghana’s democracy.

According to Mr Akwetey, the constant resort to the courts to resolve disagreements emanating from the country’s electoral process does not mean “we are democratic”.

The Electoral Commission (EC) is facing a number of court cases initiated by disqualified presidential aspirants.

Again, the EC has been dragged to the Supreme Court over its unwillingness to give presidential candidates collated results from the constituencies.

The apex court is expected to rule on the issue tomorrow, October 27.

“Our democracy is anaemic in terms of dialogue and consensus building which is worrying,” Mr. Akwetey said.

“We live in a pluralist society; we are not tolerant of others’ views,” he added.

That notwithstanding, he said, the assurances from the Chief Justice and the Judiciary will be crucial to the free and fair conduct of the forthcoming December 7 polls.

The Judiciary, he pointed out, seemed to be focused on getting through their duties for the best of the country.

The dissatisfaction emanating from the electoral process is bigger than the EC and that is the more reason why “we need to give the judiciary the maximum support we can”.



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