Ghana’s Ambassador rejects report

Superintendent Boakye.

We call upon him to either provide evidence of his allegations or withdraw same and apologise to the good people of Ghana.

It is important to state that the Ghana Mission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia acknowledges and recognizes some of the issues and challenges affecting Ghanaian women working in the Middle East as domestic workers.

However, it is equally important that all the stakeholders involved in the matter should exercise good judgment and speak with facts and evidence. Any exaggeration of the issues has the tendency of affecting bilateral relations, both economic and political between the two countries.

The Ghana Government, under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, and the Ministry of Employment and Labour are working closely with their counterparts in the GCC to address some of the challenges facing Ghanaian women working in the region.

The Ghana Embassy in Riyadh is, therefore, appealing to all Ghanaians and stakeholders to always cross-check any information they come across with regards to the condition of Ghanaian workers in the GCC.

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