Ghanaians urged to safeguard peace and stability

AlhajiThe Member of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi in the Northern Region, Alhaji Yusif Sulemana, has urged Ghanaians to remain steadfast in the pursuit of peace and unity in order to achieve the proud goals set for successive generations by the founding fathers.
Sharing his goodwill message on the backdrop of Ghana’s 57 Republic day celebrations in an interview with The Ghanaian Times in Accra, he lauded Ghanaians for sticking to the path of peaceful and united coexistence in the face of divisive challenges.
Alhaji Sulemana commended Ghana for being a beacon of hope in Africa in terms of its democratic credential in holding six successful general elections and the transition of power from one political party to an opposition party.
“Let’s keep up the standard (democracy) that we have set all these years that other African countries are looking up to emulate,” he said.
Alhaji Sulemana asked the youth to eschew dishonesty and ‘get rich quick syndrome’, but advised them to work in order to gain whatever they desire in life.
He encouraged the citizenry to think more about the harmony and progress of the country and desist from thinking less about tribal and religious differences.
Alhaji Sulemana said: “All is not lost, I think that as a people, we need to get united and issues of national concern must not be politicised for the sake of our beloved country and for the sake of those who are yet to be born.”
He congratulated the people of Bole-Bamboi and Ghanaians for a blissful Republic anniversary and lauded former President John Mahama for his contributions in building a prosperous Ghana.

By Raissa Sambou

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