Ghanaians urged to promote national unity

The Reverend Isaac Baah-Okyere of the Methodist church, Ghana has reiterated the call on Ghanaians to stay away from issues that can tear the nation apart and pray for peace, unity and progress to prevail in the country.

“Ghanaians must remember that it is only in unity that we can fight for the common good of the nation, so that posterity will not blame the present generation for bad governance,” he stated.

Rev. Baah-Okyere was addressing members of the church at a meeting at Gomoa-Kyiren.

He said it was time Ghanaians got together as a unified body, irrespective of their political and other affiliations, and collectively sought lasting solutions to the factors impeding the general development of the country.

Rev. Baah-Okyere counseled Ghanaians to abide by the laws of God and eschew all forms of evil practices, saying , “we should always learn to accept our mistakes when they are pointed out to us and pray to the Creator for diving guidance and direction”.

He emphasised the importance of communal labour geared towards the socio-economic and cultural transformation of the society, and charged members of the church to always endeavour to play their part in such activities.

“When Christians play vital roles in such self-help activities in their towns and villages, they will be instilling one of the most important divine qualities in the people to enhance rapid development, which all of us are yearning for,” he stated.

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