Ghanaians urged to embrace technology

Agnes EssahThe Chief Marketing Officer of  Vodafone Ghana, Madam Agnes Emefa Essah, has called on Ghanaians to embrace technology which has become a modern day tool to succeed in the world.

Speaking at the independently organised TED event, TEDx at the National Theatre in Accra on Saturday, Madam Essah explained that with the evolving technology, mobile phones had made   everything comfortable including accessing information for business transactions.

According to her, unlike in the time past when it took more effort and time to access information, today, within minutes, a business transaction is sealed.

She said without technology, the mode of communication between businesses, family and friends would have been difficult since the only mode of communication was through letters which takes weeks to get to the recipient.

Madam Essah said the introduction of technology communication and business transactions have been made easy   and very competitive as businesses could easily access information about their competitors and strategise to outwit them.

“ It has also given marketers and consumers the opportunity to make decisions on what to purchase and the kind of business to venture into,” she said.

She urged institutions not to remain passive, but be abreast of new trends in technology   that would help transform the economy.

An author,   Nana Akua Brew Hammond, urged the youth to be game changers and come out with solutions that would change the world

According to her, Ghanaians and Africans at large could write the next chapter of the country and the continent when they ask the uncomfortable questions that would challenge the mind and   also seek answers to them.

“Also , the next chapter can be written when the youth become a   whistle blower not tolerating   wrong doings and becoming impartial citizens,” she said.

Software Engineer, Farida Efua Bedwei urged Ghanaians to solve their own problems and stop the over reliance on politicians and foreigners.

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu

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