Ghanaians urged to develop interest in gardening

Dr Edward Botchway,(right) being assisted by Ms Esther Cobba and some officials  of Ecobank to launch the Garden and Flower Fair. Michael AyehGhanaians need to develop interest in flowering and gardening to compliment efforts in reducing harmful emissions in the environment, Ms. Esther Cobbah, Chief Executive Officer of Stratcom Africa, has said.

She believed, a green environment and a positive attitude towards the environment could go a long way to impact on global warming and climate change to secure the future generations.

Ms. Cobbah made the observation at the launch of the 2018 Ghana Garden and Flower Show, which focuses on encouraging individual and communal responsibility for a greener environment.

The show which was the sixth edition is expected to attract about 20,000 participants with 100 exhibitors showcasing innovations in green technologies.

With the main event slated for September 20 to 26, the show would have activities such as a music park, garden walks, awards night and green conferences.

A new addition, ‘My hood dey pap’, is expected to project beautiful and green communities across the country for “special recognition and reward”.

The celebration is on the theme, ‘Enriching Ghana, a garden at a time.’

Disclosing interventions by her outfit to encourage a green environment, Ms. Cobbah said about 200 women groups and youth in places such as Nima and Jamestown, all suburbs in Accra, had been equipped with skills on how to promote safe ways of treating the environment.

“We want to clear the perception that you need a big space to start gardening or planting some flowers so what we do is to provide them with seedlings, fertilisers among others to plant in the little space they have. Some could even be hanged and today, they are reaping the fruits of the project,” she said.

Mr. Edward Nartey Botchway, Director of Finance at Ecobank, sponsors of this year’s show, underscored the need for a green environment as not only to promote the health of citizens but save cost to the nation.

He said the bank in recent times had digitised its operations to prevent the use of papers and to reduce contacts with carbon dioxide emissions, and “we have also resorted to the use of video conferences instead of travel time and that has saved us close to GH₵3.2 million in the last year”.

Mr. Botchway indicated that the bank was embarking on tree planting exercises in some selected areas in the capital, and “we also intend to give special attention to customers who have interest in promoting green projects”.

Some beneficiaries of the green project who spoke to the Ghanaian Times expressed excitement about the initiative as it had brought economic relief to them and their dependants.

By Abigail Annoh and Allia Noshie          

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