Ghanaians Must Demand Place In Governance

justiceThe Presiding Judge in the 2012 presidential election petition case, Justice William Atuguba has called on Ghanaians to rise up and demand their place in the governance of the country.

According to him, the seeming indifference towards national issues by citizens has resulted in the current civil and violent upheavals in some countries in Africa, including Egypt and Libya.

In his first public pronouncement after the verdict on the landmark election petition case, Justice Atuguba said the public must always endeavour to pursue social justice.

“Those who downplay the importance of social justice from time to time are bound to be rudely awakened to the magnitude of that error by events not only that have locally happened in Ghana; I refer to the several coup d’états or revolutions…they were all based on denials of social justice”.

Speaking during a donation to some branches of the Ghana Legal Aid in Ashanti region, Justice Atuguba said Ghanaians must rise up and play an active role in governance.

“I, therefore urge that in Ghana, everybody should rise to claim the state for his own…sometimes we feel that government is not proactive when it comes to expanding the frontiers of social justice in the form of access to justice delivery but sometimes the fault comes from ourselves” Justice Atuguba added. Source: XYZ News

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