Ghanaians must celebrate their own enterpreneurs – McDan

Dr Daniel McKorley

Dr Daniel McKorley

Ghanaians have been advised to celebrate their compatriots who have made it in life and whose impacts are helping to improve the lot of the people.

“It’s about time we began to celebrate our own.  It is sad that we choose to celebrate others and instead run down our own,” the Executive Chairman, McDan Group of Companies, Dr Daniel McKorley said.

Speaking on Personality Profile on Joy FM in Accra last week, he said the nation had the potential to create billionaires like other nations, but expressed concern that some Ghanaians tended to read negative meanings into people who had made it in life by dint of hard work.

“We do not celebrate the success of our own people but tend to shower all kinds of praises on personalities outside this country.

“I become elated when I see people making it in life through hard work,” Dr McKorley said, and called on Ghanaians, as well government to encourage and support local entrepreneurs to succeed.

He debunked the assertion in some quarters that he came into money through drug trafficking, describing such an assertion as completely “nonsense”.

Noting that similar statements had been made against other successful Ghanaian businessmen, he stated that the environment in which he was born and raised contributed largely to his success story today.

Dr McKorley also stressed the need for the private sector to support the judiciary to enable it to dispense justice without fear or favour.

“I want to invest in a better Ghana,” he said, adding that “if law and order works in this country, Ghana will be a better place for me and my children and my children’s children.”


He recounted how not too long ago, the judicial arm of government received flaks from the public following an exposé of corruption in the judiciary by ace journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

In the estimation of Dr McKorley, “one key thing separating this country from the West is the enforcement of law and order.  While there is a strict enforcement of law and other in Europe, the same cannot be said of Ghana.”

He also emphasized that the biggest challenge/problem of every entrepreneur is human resource.

“An entrepreneur with the right human resource tends to succeed.”

Explaining further, Dr McKorley opined that “having the right human resource means people who share in your vision; people who fall within the class of vision that you have.”

That, he intimated, was a huge challenge in the entrepreneurial world.  Noting that the situation was different in Europe, he attributed that to attitude.

Dr McKorley disclosed that he no longer employed skills, stressing that “I employ attitude.”

“When you appear before my interview panel, I look out more for attitude than skill.  For skill(s), I can teach you skill; you can also learn skill on the job, but if you have the right attitude you are my kind of man that I would want to work with.”

According to him, “an entrepreneur is a risk-taker”, insisting that “if you want to be a risk-taker then you should not be afraid of taking risks”


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