Ghanaians asked to support waste management initiatives

•   The late Rev. Emmanuel Paddy Brew

• The late Rev. Emmanuel Paddy Brew

Professor Bill Puplampu, acting vice president of Academic Affairs at the Central University College, Accra, has appealed to stakeholders to take the appropriate steps to promote environmental cleanliness and manage waste in the country.

He said though the government was doing its best to manage waste through institutions and programmes such as the National Sanitation Day, there was the need for people to change their attitude towards the environment.

Prof. Puplampu, made the call at the maiden edition of the Reverend Paddy Brew Memorial Lecture and Debate, in Accra last Thursday.

The event, which was on the theme: ‘Waste management: how does it start with me?,’ was organised by the New Creation Chapel International, an Accra-based charismatic church.

Prof. Puplampu said “The government should not spend huge sums of money to institute national sanitation day, when there are other developmental projects to pursue”.

Rev. Dr. Daniel Ogbarmey Teteh, senior pastor of the New Creation Chapel International, said the problem of waste management and poor sanitation could be tackled collectively.

The event, which was in memory of the late Rev. Emmanuel Paddy Brew, the founder of the church, who passed on in April 2013, highlighted the roles of individuals, families and communities in waste management.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe

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