Ghanaians advised to tolerate opposing views

Mr.Samuel Akuamoah,Deputy Chairman,Operations,NCCE

Mr.Samuel Akuamoah,Deputy Chairman,Operations,NCCE

Madam Ophelia Ankrah, La Nkwantanang – Madina Municipal Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has advised Ghanaians to tolerate the views of their political opponents, to promote harmony and peace, ahead of the December 7 polls.

She explained that elections were about contest of ideas, and not insults, violence or war.

Madam Ankrah was speaking at a talk and film show, organised by the Non–Formal Education Division of the municipality, last Thursday at Madina Central Market, to sensitise the people to the importance of peace, as the country heads for the polls.

Participants included market women, religious groups, youth groups and female head porters, popularly called ‘kayayei’, selected from the municipality.

Madam Ankrah stressed that “it is important for people to show respect for their political opponents, as individuals have the right to support any political party of their choices.”

Acting Municipal Director of the Non–Formal Education Division of the municipality, Mr. Julian Eric Appiah, used the occasion to appeal to Ghanaians to pay their taxes regularly and promptly, to enable government to generate more money for development.

Speaking on the topic “The payment of taxes, tolls, rates, fines, the citizens’ responsibility”, he explained that governments all over the world relied heavily on taxes to generate funds for development projects, and to improve the welfare of the people.

Mr. Appiah advised the people to voluntarily pay taxes, saying that “just as we as citizenry always expect the government to provide good roads, health facilities, schools, potable water and other social interventions, in the same manner we must also fulfill our tax obligations”.

Concerning the elections, he advised Ghanaians to vote peacefully, devoid of violence and intimidation.

The participants watched films on atrocities visited on innocent people after election dispute in some African countries.

The footages showed people been assaulted, molested and shot and killed by armed individuals and groups, and women and children fleeing their homes carrying their belongings and walking long distances without food and water

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