Ghanaians advised against pre-judging children

Many children have demonstrated amazing talents

Many children have demonstrated amazing talents

Mrs Christabel Vida Botchey, Founder of Edupro Concept Ventures, has called on Ghanaian adults not to prejudge children but to endeavour to appreciate their individual talents and challenges.

“Some children may be a little dull, but all they may need is some tap at the back; some encouragement just to lift them out of that situation,” she said.

Mrs Botchwey said this during the regional ‘Hard Spell’ competition organised by Edupro on the premises of the Church of Pentecost, Community 12, Tema.

According to her, some children had challenges when growing up which might have affected their performance at school, but such competitions “build in the child confidence as they mount the stage to answer questions.”

She observed the frustration she went through in seeking sponsorship from corporate bodies to promote her venture adding, “In Ghana, education is not the thing for organisations. We have made thousand and one appeals. You go to places and you see our letters there but there is no response.”

Ms Juliana Awo Quist, Event Manageress for the competition, said the event gave the average child the opportunity to feel the stage.

“Mostly, what happens is that most institutions go to the schools and what they look for is the best three, the best four, etc. So the question is what happens to the average and above average child?” she asked.

She said when such children get the opportunity to feel the stage, they would want to maintain the standard so that so they could continue improve.

According to her, Edupro Concept Ventures aimed to “achieve some level of accuracy and attentiveness among children, and promote a habit of reading.”

She appealed to corporate Ghana to invest more in such programmes because it unearthed academic talents and potentials in young people.

“We wouldn’t achieve much if we don’t invest in children. Or else they will grow up to be something else, and then it is these same organisations that would turn them away because they do not speak good English,” she said.

Mrs Hamida Appiah, a teacher with the Dorsons Complex School, Community 1, Tema, commended Edupro for the initiative, saying “it’s a great concept Edupro has initiated; it’s a great platform to bring the kids to light.”

Mrs Dorothy Kusi-Kyere, head teacher of Gloryhill International School, said the competition “provides a durable educational experience, and enhances their knowledge and communicative skills. It also boosts their confidence and public speaking. When they do prepare for this programme, they learn grammar, pronunciations, definitions, and also improve their vocabulary.”

Ms Winnifred Alfong Zhang from the Good House International School, Community 12 emerged the overall champion for Greater Accra with 660 scores on 660 point.

The competition brought together 168 contestants representing 90 primary and 78 junior high schools within the Greater Accra Region.


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