Ghanaian clubs branded as lazy

SOUTH African soccer marketing expert Kabelo Bosilong, has lashed out at Ghanaian club administrators again describing them as lazy and not knowing what they are doing as the Supersport telecast of their league matches is regarded as a gold mine.

According to the former Premier League Soccer Competitions Manager, Ghanaian club administrators should take advantage of the telecast of their matches to a wider viewership to convince corporate bodies to sponsor their clubs.

The CAF Licensing Instructor insists that but for the laziness of the Ghanaian club administrators, the Supersport sponsorship is enough to convince organisations and institutions to sponsor the various clubs as they will be given enough mileage in the telecast of their matches.

In an interview with Kabelo Bosilong said, “Our clubs in South Africa were equally suffering from sponsorship but when we had the biggest TV sponsorship, our clubs do not suffer anymore. What we did was that we advised the clubs to look for their own sponsors no matter how small the amount will be and as the sponsors see how the television broadcast is given them money, they will want to invest more. Your club administrators must be smart”.

“Today in South Africa, the smallest clubs are able to secure an average shirt sponsorship of $1million a year and that is better than before. Clubs like Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates are able to get as much as $5million a year. So your clubs must be smart in doing the same thing”.

“They must not see the monies as small when they want the sponsors. They must accept the sponsors no matter the amount and as they move along, it will grow”, the former PSL Club Licensing Manager added.

Ghanaian clubs have been complaining of lack of sponsorship to run their clubs but the South African FA Commercial Rights Manager insists that the clubs must use the telecast of their matches to secure their own sponsors instead of over relying on the FA for sponsors.

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