Ghana-US military discourse will influence decisions in 2020 polls – Henaku

Mr Henaku

Mr Henaku

Secretary of the Socialist Forum of Ghana Kofi Henaku has expressed confidence the controversial Ghana-US military deal will influence citizenry decisions in the next general election.

“Am confident the Ghana-US controversial deal will influence our decisions in the 2020 polls since the US stands to benefit more, the criticism of government and strong resistance from the citizenry,” he stressed.

The deal, which was allegedly leaked to the media, created some division in the country with many believing the US stands to benefit more than Ghana.

In exchange for an alleged 20 million US dollars, the Government of Ghana agreed to provide the US military troop a place of residence at the Kotoka International Airport, and also grant them unhindered access to some key installations in the country.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) together with a group calling itself Ghana First Patriotic Front (GFPF) embarked on a demonstration arguing that it was in the way of the country’s sovereignty.

They also criticised the government for accepting the deal despite strong resistance from the public.

Speaking on the sideline of a public forum on the US Military base in Ghana, Mr Henaku said although talks about the deal has minimised it was still an issue people would consider before voting in the next general election.

“We have realised that the challenges and fears that we have expressed about this deal has been experienced by other countries, to share that experience from them with us is very important, that is why the Socialist Forum decided to hold this forum.

“A continuous discourse on this issue will bring out all sides of the matter and 2020 is not that far.


“If by then we are still discussing this issue it will help people make their decision, they will have to decide whether to retain the government that is bringing a deal to create a military base or not and the media not talking about the issue doesn’t mean it is over.

“Since the discussion on the deal was not limited by any language barrier, people have been given an opportunity to understand the issues, raise concerns, contribute to the discussions to better inform and equip them to make decisions with the Ghana-US military deal in mind,” Mr Henaku bemoaned. –

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