Ghana and the United Kingdom (UK) on Wednesday, renewed their commitment to boost trade and business ties between the two countries.

They also pledged to convince firms from both countries to invest in businesses and explore opportunities for the benefit of both countries.

These were the outcomes of a discussion between President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the British Foreign Minister, Mr. Boris Johnson, in Accra.

The foreign minister, who has since left for the UK, held a close door discussion with the President that was described as fruitful and beneficial to both nations.

The relationship between Ghana and UK dates back to several decades and the foreign policies of the two countries have been based on trade, business and aid.

Indeed, Ghana has been a recipient of British aid as well as trade partnership, dating back several years.

The meeting on Wednesday is an affirmation of the relationship at the time of changing global dynamics, including the shock wave of Brexit.

As it is already known, there is going to be an economic, political and social implications for countries such as Ghana, once Britain exits the E.U.

The meeting, therefore, is an opportunity for the two countries to reflect on future bilateral relations without the benefit of the European Union Market.

Going forward, the two countries are going to trade with each other on equal strength and that may bring its own challenges.

It is, therefore, necessary for the two countries to go back to their long history of economic ties to fashion out a relationship that will boost trade and business relations between them.

Fortunately, the foreign minister recalled the long relationship between Ghana and the UK, and promised to convince British firms to come in their numbers to explore these opportunities.

Ghana should also mobilise its trade and business firms to take advantage of the new opportunities that the renewed commitment is going to bring.

The Times commends the two countries for the fruitful and meaningful relationship and hopes that Ghana-UK trade and business cooperation will improve in the foreseeable future.


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