Ghana to host launch of US-made window products

Ghana has been chOsen to host the launch of a wide range of US-made window products for the African regional market.

The Mathews Brothers company of Maine, USA, in partnership with Frenz Limited, will launch the next generation window products on Monday, June 8.

A statement issued by the company in Accra yesterday, said the Mathews Brothers next generation window products were revolutionary, and would change the landscape of the real estate and construction industry in Ghana and beyond.

“The products offer unique designs and promote the following three key solutions, energy efficiency with electricity supply as a national issue; argon filled gas and generously-shaded windows with more effective cooling loads will provide buildings with light and ventilation and help reduce energy costs,” it said.

The statement said the products would also offer advanced security, dedicated to protecting lives and property.

Integrated high-performance features of the double-hung windows offer a vital nexus for maximum security needed to provide peace of mind.

This event is part of a co-ordinated process in which Mathews Brothers, in collaboration with Frenz Limited, will engage architects and the real estate development community with a common effort, aiming to achieve energy efficiency for environmentally sensitive buildings.

Mathews Brothers has been making windows since 1854, and is committed to manufacturing world-class windows.

The company leverages its domestic manufacturing capacity and flexibility by providing localised energy solutions to a variety of international markets.

By Times Reporter

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