Ghana to host global confab on agric

Ex-President Kufuor

Ex-President Kufuor

The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food System, headquartered in the United Kingdom, will hold its third Global Meeting in Accra in November, under the auspices of the John Agyekum Kufuor Foundation.

The meeting, slated for November 16 to 18, will be the first in Africa, and will be co-chaired by former President Kufuor.

It will bring together global experts in agriculture, to discuss issues pertaining to food security, malnutrition, health, and improvement in the agriculture sector.

Briefing the media on the event in Accra, Professor Sandy Thomas, Executive Director, Global Panel on Agriculture and Food System, said the meeting would tap into the ideas of Ghanaians, their visions and priorities pertaining to the agriculture sector, to help identify where Global Panel should focus on its discussions.

She said the organisation was established in 2013 with the commitment of tackling global challenges in foods and nutrition security, adding that it was also working to ensure agriculture and food systems supported access to nutritious foods at every stage of life.

“We believe nutrition is not just about feeding people, but about fuelling the growth of individuals and communities and the flourishing of the entire nation,” she added.

She said the organisation was aimed at providing effective guidance to decision makers particularly governments on generating nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food policy investment in low and middle income countries.

Prof Thomas noted that to improve on nutrition for all, we needed to make changes in what we produced, how we produced them, how they were processed, transported, marketed, and also how they were consumed.

She said her outfit was working to amplify the opportunity at the nexus of agriculture, food and nutrition, by helping policy makers, civil society and the companies that cultivated, raised, transported and sold food, make informed decisions about the food we ate.

She said the meeting in November would also focus on climate change and its impact on agriculture and nutrition.


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