Ghana Should Have Only One Supporters’ Union

Mr.AcheampongCamp Commandant at Ghana’s village in Brazil during the World Cup, Mr. Frederick Agbesi Nutsu has advised that all supporters’ unions in the country should be scraped.

Appearing before the Justice Dzamefe Commission of Inquiry, Mr. Nutsu stated that, only one national supporters union should be maintained for future competitions.

He stated that, one supporters’ union must be assisted to come out with initiatives to raise money on their own for competitions.

According to him, there are too many supporters unions in the country, and it becomes difficult for government to raise funds to assist them.

He added that, with just one union, it would also be easier for them to be managed during such events like the World Cup.

It was also revealed at the Presidential Commission of Inquiry that Special Aid to the former Minister of Youth and Sports, Larry Acheampong represented him on all the committees for Ghana’s 2014 World Cup.

According to Mr. Larry he however did not receive any allowance or money for his services except the $100 per diem he received and occasional tips from the former Minister, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah.

He also revealed that fans did not receive the $10 per diem they were supposed to receive in Brazil.

The 612 fans were to receive $10 each, which was deducted from the $45 that was given to the three caterers, Ambar Quality Foods Limited and Kenkey Boutique Catering Services.

The caterers however received $35 to prepare two meals each day but the remaining $10 meant for the supporters was not given to them.

The idea, according to Mr Nutsu, was to assist supporters to move easily in Brazil.

On the caterers, Mr. Acheampong stated that, he was shocked to hear claims that the money paid them was not enough and are demanding for more.

He stressed that, the caterers on the contrary, did not express any displeasure but were rather happy and satisfied with the amount given them.

He recalled that no objection was raised in Brazil when they signed for the money and the recent development that they should be given extra money is unrealistic.

Mr. Acheampong then recommended that caterers should be better managed in the future to prevent such developments.

By  Michael D.Abayateye &Raymond Ackumey

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