Ghana ready for Angel investing

Dr. Oteng-Gyasi PixPotential angel investors have assembled in Accra to discuss the way forward with regard to angel investing in the country.

The meeting organised by the Ghana Angel Investor Network (GAIN) as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week depicts that the country is now ripe for Angel investing.

The event opened with a presentation on the development of the ecosystem and the role of GAIN by Leticia Browne, Investor Relations officer, GAIN.

She explained that the entrepreneurial ecosystem relates to an environment, which was considered conducive for entrepreneurial activity.

She stated that the ecosystem consists of six key elements- financial institutions, public sector, private sector, academic institutions, infrastructure and culture.

Stressing the importance of how each element works in tangent she said without entrepreneurial training, financial institutions run the risk of putting their money into the hands of individuals without the necessary management skills.

“Likewise what is the essence of training entrepreneurs and developing business ideas, yet not providing access to capital,” she said.

She therefore, it was critical that GAIN and its partners continue to build an ecosystem here in Ghana to enable entrepreneurs to thrive.

Mr. Tony Oteng Gyasi, CEO, Tropical Cables and Contractors Limited in a panel discussion said academic background was not the singular road to success.

He cautioned Angel investors to have proper oversight of the companies they want to invest into so that they could have good returns on their investment.

Mr. Alex Bruks, CEO, Dalex Capital advised Angels to be committed to what they do adding that frequent and regular management meetings were crucial to enable them to receive concerns and take decisions on them, which would help the company to thrive.

“What we are looking at is to nurture these companies and help them list on GAX,” he added

Mr. Matthew Boadu, CEO of Oasis Capital said Angel investors must be prepared to provide some coaching to the investee companies as a guiding hand was sometimes all that was needed to grow a company from strength to strength.

As part of the programme including Tikilabs, Flashcard makers and XI Eleven pitched their ideas to Angel investors.

GAIN is a network of Angel investors with a passion for investing in early stage businesses with significant growth prospects and the potential to generate superior returns.

GAIN was established to bridge the funding gap for startups and provide a solution for investors who wish to participate in early stage opportunities.

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