Ghana needs Israel’s assistance for development

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Some of guests and participants of the conference

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, has said no country can survive on its own, except it associates with other developed countries and forms a sustainable relationship that will benefit the two countries.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of a three-day Africa-Israel Initiative Conference in Accra, he said it was important for African countries, particularly Ghana, to support and partner with countries like Israel to foster its developmental agenda.

He noted that Ghana’s relationship with Israel dated back to the post-independence and urged that steps be taken to improve upon the relationship, to facilitate Ghana’s development.

“It is important to engage positively to maximise Ghana’s benefit from Israel to ensure that generations to come, were supported to achieve their goals and develop the economy at large,” he stated.

He said that, “we should also review our developmental policies as far as international relations are concerned, which would lead to the reduction in unemployment and create an appreciable level of development”.

Nii Affotey Agbo said the conference should mark a workable partnership and new beginning for Ghana and Israel.

According to him, Ghana needed developmental partners to establish training centres and expose the youth to new technology, and Israel was the right partner.

Government, the minister said was committed to the development of the private sector and would partner Israel to promote the sector.

He urged participants of the conference to discuss issues that would help Ghana tap into the technological and economic progress of Israel.

Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Ami Mehl, said Israel was a leading country in medicine, science, agriculture, renewable energy and technology, and Ghana could benefit from those areas, with the right dialogue and approach.

He said, Israel has never hesitated to extend a helping hand to any country, and would be willing to share its knowledge and expertise with Ghana.

“Israel considers Ghana as a friend and has strong relationship that would foster a sustainable development in Ghana,” he said, noting that both countries have the same values, such as peace, unity, justice and national cohesion.

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