‘Ghana needs comprehensive drainage programme to save businesses’

Boapomg PixThere is the need for a comprehensive drainage management programme for managing flooding in Accra to save businesses and individuals, Kwaku Boampong, President of the Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE), has said.

Speaking on the topic: “Engineering for sustainable urban stormwater Management”, the President of GhIE said, “It is widely recognised that developments negatively impact drainage systems, but by paying greater attention to natural hydrological patterns and processes, it is possible to develop stormwater management systems in a manner that reduces these potentially negative impacts and mimic nature.”

Mr. Boampong was speaking when he delivered the 46th presidential address to council members, past presidents, professional bodies, GIhE student members and members of the Ghana Institution of Engineers in Accra.

The 28-page address contained a lot of facts and figures as well as historical perspectives of storm drainage systems from ancient times and internationally and suggested useful recommendations for authorities to follow to reduce the incidents of the June 3, 2015 disaster.

“For a successful implementation of an effective stormwater management system, it is critical to assemble consultants with the required multi-disciplinary expertise from the onset of a project ensuring that these consultants operate as a team,” he suggested.

Mr. Boampong added: “The core members of the group would provide expertise in civil engineering, town planning and environmental consulting. Closely allied disciplines of freshwater ecology and landscape architecture should be added on the advice of the other professionals.”

The address also recommended basic elements of managing flooding in Accra ranging from administration and planning, public information and involvement, source control, conveyance systems, operation and maintenance, and regulation of new development which will require developers to submit a detailed storm runoff management plans to a public agency for review and approval.

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