Ghana must trust AFC – Ayariga

Dr. Hassan Ayariga

Dr. Hassan Ayariga

The presidential candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga says the country needs a change in order to develop from its current state.

In his view, Ghanaians are not suffering because of National Democratic Congress or New Patriotic Party, but because Ghanaians are quiet.

“A change where everybody must come on board, a change where everyone should be involved in the building of the nation, but a change from one political party to the other without including the good people in the development process will not solve the country’s problems,” he said.

Mr. Ayariga explained that Ghana is wealthy in human and natural resources but the country is economically poor because of bad leadership.

According to him, no single political party can rescue Ghana from its economic woes that is why his party’s all-inclusive governance is crucial for the development of the nation.

He made these statements known to Ghanaians living abroad who listened to him across the world during an interview on Amenado Radio at Denver, Colorado, United States, recently.

The APC flagbearer stated that Ghana has got to the crossroad where people have seen change of governments from NDC to NPP and back to NDC, yet the country has economic challenges.

“Ghanaians are still struggling with basic amenities, including water, electricity, food security, health care, education and many others. Ghanaians’ lack of enjoying these basic things show that government upon government has failed the good people of Ghana,” he said.

He noted that the APC believed it was time Ghanaians rethought to find the issues affecting them and considered what they needed to change in order to make the country better.

Additionally, he promised that his administration would give equal opportunities and platforms to all Ghanaians regardless of party colours so that “we can all build the country.”

He assured that he only needed the mandate to ensure that knowledgeable, patriotic, incorrupt and responsible Ghanaians held key positions in the various institutions to enable the country to attain the transformation that could fit the 21st century needs. Source:

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