Ghana Joins League Of 4G LTE Users

surfline pixAcross the world, telecommunications network operators continue to view data as a substantial income revenue source for their businesses.

Telecommunications providers have come to the realization that unlike voice, data consumption depends on many things and this makes it easy for them to scale up average usage volumes per user.

One way of doing this is by giving subscribers fast internet access so that they can consume the same amount of data faster and demand more data.

The latest trend for telecoms across the world has been the introduction of 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) service.

LTE is a revolutionary mobile technology which enhances the data transfer rates delivering faster mobile broadband experience and highest data speeds and reliability.

It is not surprising that in Ghana, the offices of Surfline Communications Limited was flooded yesterday with scores of internet consumers a day after the indigenous company launched country’s first 4G LTE services at a ceremony held in Accra on Tuesday.

The wholly-owned company invested more than $100 million for the first phase of the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network, which has 300 cell sites.

Most of the consumers who thronged Surfiline’s showroom at Osu either wanted to purchase or have a feel of electronic gadgets on display and have firsthand experience the foremost internet service in the country which is expected to revolutionize the use of the internet in the country.

They said the introduction of 4G LTE data services is welcome for businesses and consumers who relish high data speeds.

They said it would allow them to embrace video-based services such as online TV, video calling and use of mapping services.

“I use the internet a lot but not happy with the kind of service a get from competitors in the market. With what I have experienced using the gadgets here, I am impressed. The speed is unbelievable,” Emmanuel Antwi, a student told Times Business in Accra yesterday as this paper followed up to the showroom to .

“It is refreshing to finally have the 4G LTE in Ghana. I have experienced it in other countries and it is a delight to use,” Rose Asare, an entrepreneur said.

“My expectation is that this service will increase the number of internet users in the country as they are assured of quality, reliable and fast internet,” she said.

In Ghana less than 20 per cent people use the internet; a statistic not lost on Surfline, who believes this represents an opportunity to inspire business, families and students to embrace the internet and achieve and experience much more, in less time.

The benefits of using the 4G LTE service are astonishing: 100mb files can be downloaded in seconds; films that take four hours to download can be downloaded in just 15 minutes; streaming music and standard videos takes less than a second to buffer and 20mb game can be downloaded in 25 seconds.

“Ghanaians are disillusioned with the internet services that are currently on offer, because they have not experienced what was promised. Surfline’s 4G LTE service has been created with a single-minded focus on data, which means out network quality will not be compromised. With our service, customers are always guaranteed a 4G LTE service and nothing less,” Dr Yaw Akoto, Chief Executive Officer for Surfline Limited said at the official launch.

Those who benefit most from the introduction of 4GLTE services are businesses and consumers who are looking for mobile broadband internet that is comparable to what cable networks are offering.

The proliferation of new handheld devices that support 4G LTE networks such as the iPhone 5 make it possible for people to enjoy applications and videos streaming services while on the go.

Ms. Rosy Fynn, Marketing Manager, Surfline said feedback so far received from consumers who used the service during the trial period was very encouraging.

“We distributed at least 1,000 devices to key people across Accra to use for a couple of months and we got very valuable positive and negative feedback, which helped us to push the limits and deliver what the public wants. Now we believe we are ready to go,” she said.

Communication Minister, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah said the Surfline was undoubtedly a superior network to the existing networks.

“If for nothing at all, by arithmetic interpretation, the 4G should be better and faster than the 2G and 3G networks available,” he noted.

He expressed the hope that the company would continue its pioneering role to provide the best quality service to its customers.

By David Adadevoh



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