Ghana Investment Summit, Indicator Of Country’s Potential — Charles Brewer

Charles BrewerLeading international express and logistics company, DHL Express, has identified West Africa, particularly Ghana, as a key zone for growth within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mr. Charles Brewer, Managing Director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa, speaking at the Economist’s Ghana Investment Summit 2013, in Accra said Ghana and Nigeria, are some of the largest markets for the logistics operator in West Africa, and were well-poised to continue their dominant role within the growth.

“Ghana is often cited as one of the fastest growing countries in the world and, according to the local national statistics office, grew 6.1 per cent in the second quarter of 2013, on track for a provisional full-year growth of 7.4 per cent,” he said.

“I’m pleased to be able to speak at this conference and feel it fitting to have it in Ghana, considering the strategic importance of the country.”

Mr. Brewer said “Ghana has a particularly strong position in that it is well-situated to service West Africa and, like its East African counterpart, Kenya, uses English as its language of business and dialogue. This makes it attractive for global companies looking for a regional hub.”

“We are confident of the growth in Ghana, as it continues to drive business in the region. We have also seen the major benefits of the country’s investment in infrastructure, since it has an advanced infrastructure platform compared to some of its local counterparts,” he said.

The Ghanaian business unit of DHL Express has seen phenomenal growth over the last quarter, posting positive volume figures and increasing its retail and account business.

“We have been very pleased with our progress over the last quarter; which is both a reflection of the country’s economic development but also of our employee’s passion for the business and taking it forward,” says Kader Coulibaly, Country Manager for DHL Express Ghana.
“We want to build on this progress to add further value to the economy, and support the country in its ambitious development plans,” he said.

Mr. Coulibaly also cited the small to medium enterprise (SME) sector as a major area of growth across all sectors.
The courier company, he said was doing significant work in increasing connectivity for SMEs, helping them to understand the paperwork, legislation and expertise needed to grow beyond Ghana’s borders.

“We know the challenges for these businesses access to finance, resources and talent. At DHL we are trying to do our part, boosting imports and exports and, therefore, increasing their attractiveness to both West African and global businesses,” he said.

He encouraged their counterparts in both the private and public sector to make a commitment to these businesses, injecting new growth and capital into the economy, and create opportunities for people across the business spectrum.

“This summit is just the beginning for Ghana, and we hope to increase its global competitiveness to drive even further growth,” he said.

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