Ghana deaf volleyball team gets support

The Ghana Deaf Volleyball Association (GDVA) will collaborate with their Italian counterparts to develop deaf volley in the country.
In a short ceremony at the media centre of the Accra Sport Stadium yesterday, President of GDVA, Jonathan Amuah, expressed elation at the collaboration.
“It is an opportunity for us to grow volleyball in the country. We want to see deaf volleyball at the highest pedestal and this collaboration presents that chance and we will seize it appropriately. ”
Secretary General of the GDVA, Bernard Kumah, was also excited at the prospects of the collaboration.
“Our game here has a lot of challenges, nonetheless, we try to research to identify and find solutions to halt our predicament.
We have immense talent and skill at our disposal but our deficiency has been the lack of funds to push our players to develop to their full potential to become  professionals. This, among other anomalies, we hope will be corrected by this collaboration with our friends from Italy,” he stated.
On her part, captain for the Italian deaf volleyball team , Ilaria Galbusera, in the company of the technical director of the team, Bava Loredana, disclosed that they were motivated to embark on this project due to the non-presence of any African side at the 2017 deaflympics in Turkey.
“Luckily, I found the Ghana deaflympics on facebook and got in touch with the secretary and our conversations revealed we could bring our expertise to bear on the game in Ghana.
It was also disclosed that a deaf Sports Festival and competition was in the pipeline.
There was a presentation of volleyball jerseys, balls, knee caps and canvass to aid the game in Ghana.
There will be a play-off match between the national team and a selected side for the Italians to ascertain the nature of the game in Ghana.


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