Ghana-China Graduates Association inaugurated

Nii Lantey Vanderpuije An organisation with its formation goals targeted at deepening Ghana’s relationship with China has been inaugurated in Accra with a call on members to effectively cooperate for the development of the two countries.

Called the China-Ghana Graduates Association (CGGA), its membership is largely Ghanaian graduates of higher education in the Asian country, those currently studying there and students who wish to study there and the Chinese community in Ghana.

The CGGA, according to founding members, would also be used as a medium for the exchange of cultures of the two countries and the inculcation of volunteerism and commitment to nationalism.

In his inaugural speech, the Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, challenged the Ghanaian side of the association to emulate “the hardworking nature” of their Chinese counterparts and bring that experience to bare on the development of the country.

He said Ghana’s relationship with China begun since independence and as the days wore on, the Asians have become more visible in all facets of the Ghanaian economic environment and were contributing meaningfully to the growth of the country.

This relationship, he said, needed to be sustained and with the formation of the CGGA, Nii Lante was hopeful the friendship would live many years to come.

“As we decide to come together to advance this new trend, we must be ready for the responsibility we putting on ourselves as young people”, he stated.

He entreated the members of the CGGA to have a new orientation and positive influence on the general population of the two countries adding “if there is something that is withering our prosperity away, then it is the lack of mental attitude of our young ones.”

According to the Youth and Sports Minister, the ability of the youth to stand for what is right for Ghana was low “and we allow alien adulteration that affect us like viruses and eat what is Ghanaian in us so easily.”

The Odododiodio legislator made reference to the fashion trend in Ghana questioning the upbringing of the youth in recent times, lauded the Chinese for upholding their cultural values wherever they saw themselves and expected the Ghanaian members of the association to take a cue from the Chinese and “be advocates against such adulteration of our culture.”

The Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Madam Sun Baohong on her part was grateful for the initiative by the students of both countries to form an association to continue the friendship that existed over the years.

She said Ghana and China in recent years have collaborated for the economic gains of both countries, a relationship she foresees to continue for many years to come.

Accounting for Ghanaian students in her country, Madam Baohong said more than 4600 Ghanaians were studying in various fields and out of which 500 were on Chinese scholarship, a statistics she said underscores China’s commitment to human development of Ghana.

On how enthused Ghanaians are becoming in studying the Chinese language, the Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Ghana, Dr. Mei Meilian, said more than 2000 Ghanaian student of all levels have enrolled at the institute which was established in 2014.

President of the CGGA, Mr. Charles Mawuenyega, in his remarks pledged of a win-win association that would promote a network of Ghanaian and Chinese graduates.

By Julius Yao Petetsi

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