IN a restatement to world leaders at the on-going United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo restated Ghana’s determination to wean itself off foreign donor support.

The president has championed the vision of “Ghana Beyond Aid” since assuming power nearly two years ago.

Perhaps, since she was born, Ghana has depended on aid from donor countries and in the Presidents’ wisdom, it is time for the country to wean itself off donor support.

In his view foreign donors over the years, have supported the country with aid which is not working for the country and its people.

“We are determined in Ghana, and, increasingly, in more and more parts of Africa, to chart our own paths to prosperity, and pay our won way in the world”.

“We are no longer interested in being a burden on others. We will shoulder our own responsibilities and build societies and nations that will be attractive to our youth”.

“We have the necessary sense of enterprise, creativity, innovation and hard work to engineer this transition. Hence our vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid”, the President stressed.

Indeed, President Akufo-Addo has spoken the minds of millions of Africans who dream of the day the continent would wean itself of donor support from foreign governments and develop by themselves.

The Ghanaian Times agrees with the President entirely because it represents the vision of late President Dr Kwame Nkrumah who worked to support other African countries so that they stand on their feet.

Although other leaders followed in the footsteps of Dr Kwame, we are still not self sufficient and continue to depend on foreign aid to develop our countries.

Having taken the vision to a global platform, we are certain that domestically government policy would be directed by the vision to enable us achieve it in the shortest possible time.

The vision must not remain a slogan but an actionable policy that must be embraced by all.

It has been said that Ghanaians are good at sloganeering but lack the capability in following through with action to achieve intended goals.

We are certain that “Ghana Beyond Aid” would not follow the same trend but would turn out as expected by all.

It must be followed through so that as said by the President, “We will shoulder our own responsibilities and build societies and nations that will be attractive to our youth.

We command the president for eloquently putting our case across to the world and hope that leaders, particular the donor partners would support the vision of “Ghana Beyond Aid.

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