GHALCA scandal getting murkier

RjFRESH revelations indicate that Enugu Rangers have denied receiving part or full payment for their involvement in the 2013 President’s Cup competition in the new twist of the $9000 scandal to hit GHALCA.

There were earlier reports that suggested the $9000 loan contracted from the Ghana FA by GHALCA chief Alhaji Raji – without the consent of the association’s executives apart from the treasurer- was used to pay part of the debt owed the Nigerian club for participating in the President’s Cup last year.

But Rangers’ Media Officer Forster Chime has denied his club’s receipt of any payment from GHALCA.

“We have not received a dime from the organizers of the President’s Cup in Ghana,” he revealed.

“I don’t know if any money has been advanced to us as we speak right now.

“But so far as our records show, we have not received any money from GHALCA either in cash or in cheque.

“As far as we know, GHALCA has to pay us $30,000.”

This development makes the scandal murkier as the GHALCA chairman Alhaji Raji is been accused of financial malfeasance after allegedly conniving with the Association’s treasurer to secure a $9000 loan from the GFA without the consent of the executive

Meanwhile, the Executive Council of the Ghana League Clubs Association, GHALCA is calling on its Chairman Alhaji Raji to step down whilst investigations into allegations of financial misappropriation continue.

The chairman together with a financial manager, George Amoako has been accused of borrowing $9,000 from the Ghana Football Association without the knowledge of other GHALCA members.

The two were also unable to prove what the money was used for.

The executive council has ordered an investigation into the matter, and is insisting that the chairman and financial manager should step aside to allow for due process.

A member of GHALCA, Kofi Poku exclusively told JOY Sports in an interview that they are looking forward to the resignation of their chairman soon.

“If we find out the procedures the chairman should have followed were not followed through, then he first of all must [refund] the money.”

“We have advised him to step aside while investigations continue”.

JOY Sports investigations have revealed that the GHALCA chairman pleaded with members for a one month grace period to enable them refund the money but the request was flatly turned down by the council which demanded the money to be refunded with immediate effect.

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