GFA takes the lead in FIFA innovation

GFA president, Nyantakyi – Shows the way

GFA president, Nyantakyi – Shows the way

FIFA yesterday announced that the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has become the first member association to adopt the FIFA Intermediary Regulations Tool (IRT) that has come to replace what was known as FIFA agent.

FIFA’s new Regulations on Working with Intermediaries came into force on 1 April 2015.

This means the GFA has taken the lead over big football countries in the world to implement the latest innovation by FIFA.

The regulations require all member associations to register intermediaries who are engaged in transactions involving players and clubs affiliated with their association and to annually publish aggregate figures.

In line with FIFA goal to support member associations in fulfilling their regulatory obligations, the IRT will enable the GFA to gather the necessary information in order to comply with FIFA’s regulations. The information to be collected includes: all agreed remunerations or payments that are made or will be made to an intermediary, intermediary declarations, representation contracts and consents and declarations about conflict of interests for all involved intermediaries. Most importantly, at the end of March each year, the GFA will be able to generate a report containing the necessary data for publication in accordance with the Regulations on Working with Intermediaries.

The IRT is integrated with the Transfer Matching System (ITMS and DTMS).

As such, the GFA has the added benefit of being able to manage professional player transfers and related intermediary involvement in one system, thus increasing administrative efficiency and the visibility of transfer and intermediary activity within its association.

By Times Sports Reporter

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