More than ever before, security for the 2016 general election, on November 7, will remain a huge challenge for the country.

This is because the country is confronted with the proliferation of unauthorised private armed security groups belonging to political parties and concerns about the increasing number of flashpoints across the nation.

Indeed, every election since 1992, has presented security challenges to the country, but the country’s security agencies have, on all occasions, risen to the task.

The security agencies have been able to police the elections by employing measures to protect the public, election officials and materials to ensure peaceful elections.

The importance of employing security measures is also to prevent and contain disorder and violence during elections so as to preserve its integrity.

The role of security forces and other agents is, therefore, very important in election in Ghana.

It is, for this reason that the Times welcomes the inauguration of a National Election Security Task Force (NESTF) to ensure a successful elections on November 7.

With the approach of election day, many Ghanaians are beginning to express anxiety over possible violence before, during and after the elections.

It is, therefore, gratifying that a task force has been formed to serve as a support of law enforcement for national security.

The task force, which comprises representatives of the Police, Military, Immigration, Prisons, Fire Service, Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, among others, also has the mandate of intelligence collection, analysis, exploitation of information and other related matters.

They are also expected to adopt strategies to effectively deal with incidents such as shooting, ballot box snatching, vandali-sation of property and acts of violence that might occur before and during the election.

With the inauguration of the task force, it is clear that the country is getting set for the 2016 election.

We are hopeful that the task force would employ effective tactics to deal with election-related violence in order to protect the integrity of the election.

Already, the political temperature is rising as we move into campaign mood and political parties and their supporters are warming up, so the task force would be expected to start work immediately.

We are confident that with their inauguration several months before the election, they would be able to enforce law and order in the country.

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