GES salutes stakeholders

Mr  Kor,  Director-General

Mr Kor, Director-General

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has expressed its warmest felicitations to teachers, pupils, students and all stakeholders for their hard work and dedication in delivering education to Ghanaians during the year.

In a statement copied to The Ghanaian Times, the Director- General, Jacob Kor, urged stakeholders in the education sector to continue to discharge their collective responsibilities as “proud and dedicated citizens” towards building a greater and prosperous country.

“Indeed, I would not hesitate to say that it has not been easy in the year, but for your loyalty and spirit of perseverance, we would not have come this far, and by God’s grace, progress steadily towards the lofty ideals we have set for ourselves individually and collectively.”

The Director-General urged all to resolved and create “a strong foundation   for the development of Ghanaian children to grow into useful adults, who can take their places as responsible, honest and patriotic citizens of our beloved country.”

Noting the set backs and challenges experienced during the year, the statement said “whatever our challenges were, we can still count our modest successes and blessings, so why not put those failures of yesterday behind us and focus on now?”.

“Yesterday is gone, let us forget it; today is here, let us make the best of it; but tomorrow is yet to come, let us plan carefully towards it,” the statement said.

“Let us remember that posterity will always reward us if we do our best for mother Ghana and our names would be engraved in the eternity of time. But should we fail, history will chastise us.”

While wishing them a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New year, the statement also encouraged stakeholders in the education sector including development partners and the media, “not to stumble or fear” but be poised to make the years ahead much better and more fulfilling than those that had passed.

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