GES promotes cleanliness

Mr Jacob A.M Kor,Acting Director,GES  current BOSS (2)

Jacob Kor, acting GES Director General

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has charged school authorities to ensure clean school environment to protect the health of learners and teachers.

The service has also encouraged schools and its regional and district agencies to actively take part in the monthly national sanitation exercise to keep their environment clean.

Rev. Jonathan Bettey, acting Public Relations Officer of GES, speaking to The Ghanaian Times during a clean-up exercise at the GES head office in Accra, said the service deemed it important for all educational institutions to maintain clean environment.

He said the head office had taken the lead in the sanitation drive by instituting a monthly cleaning exercise, adding that the regional and district offices, as well as public schools were being encouraged to take a cue from the head office.

The mandatory exercise, he said, was to complement the national sanitation day exercise.

For schools, he said it was important that sanitation standards were upheld, indicating that schools as learning centres, need to portray high sanitation values for children to learn.

He advised children to desist from littering, and urged teachers to continue teaching children cleanliness.

The first edition of the two-hour initiative which took place at the headquarters in Accra was highly patronised by staff of the service, as the various offices were cleaned.

By Eva Borley Odamtten  

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