It is the time to pay fees again as schools; both primary and secondary re-open this week and next week respectively.

Again it is the time of the year, when parents would have to overcome challenges of securing funds to settle school bills for their children.

As usual, many parents would have to hustle to pay the fees, but as they search, some school authorities continue to pile up the bills for them to pay.

This is why the protest by the National Council of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA), over the imposition of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Levies, on Senior High Schools (SHS) by the Ghana Education Service (GES), cannot pass without comments.

In a communiqué issued after a two-day executive meeting, the Council said it had resolved to flout the directives of GES by establishing its own mechanism to determine such levies if the GES continued to sideline them in the process.

According to the group, the GES should not unilaterally fix fees and PTA levies, and title such demands as “approved PTA levies” when PTA bodies were not consulted in determining those levies.

The protest comes as a surprise to many parents who have been paying the levies.

The levies have been criticised continually by parents because its adds to the burden of paying for tuition for their wards.

There are instances where schools do not have active PTAs, yet PTA levies appear on the bills, leaving parents to wonder the source of the levy and its use.

The Times, like other stakeholders, is concerned about the development, and believes there is a need for an assessment of the PTA levy and its use.

We believe the GES may have been actively involved in the determination of the PTA levies to ensure sanity in the charging of such fees.

But, if it is clear that the PTAs are not involved in the determination of the PTA levy, then it should be scrapped from the school bills.

PTA levy is by nature, meant for specific development projects in schools, and the rate should be decided among parents who would be doing the payment.


So unilaterally levying parents to pay for something they are not aware of, is unfair.

To ensure effective sanity, we urge the GES to scrap the PTA levy from the bills until a system is created to allow PTAs of all public primary and secondary schools to be involved in the determination of levies.

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