German was duped through two banks

Detective Corporal Robert Awuka, of the Accra Central Police Station, told an Accra Circuit Court hearing the case in which two Nigerians defrauded a German engineer, Ms. Waltraud Wiesent of 248,000 Euros yesterday that the money was received by two different accounts at Ecobank and Guarantee Trust Bank.

Corporal Awuka, was the officer who arrested the accused, Mark Latif Adigun and Benjamin Oluwashola on July 5, 2013, and was testifying as the second prosecution witness.

He said a Ghanaian, who is a friend of Ms. Wisent reported the case to the police on July 3, 2013 and Latif and Oluwashola were arrested, two days later.

Led in evidence by Chief Inspector Edward Afful, Corporal Awuka told the court that the accused admitted the offence in their caution statements.

He said the details of the account holders were revealed to the investigation team by the Financial Intelligence Centre, Bank of Ghana.

Details of the accounts including transfer charges, sender and receivers were tendered in evidence by the prosecutor.

According to Awuka, their investigations revealed that the accounts were sent to the complainant by the accused.

The facts of the transfers were that between September 11, 2011 and November 2011, 28,500 Euros were transferred by Patrick Aboagye, holder of account number 202110823430-Guarantee Bank Ghana Ltd., while the Ecobank account bearing the name Universal Perfect Woods received 150,000 Euros between October 17 and February 2, 2012, totaling 183.500 Euros in all.

He said the complainant also sent accused money through Western Union Money Transfer on different occasions and gave them cash in some instances.

Ms. Wiesent is said to have been swindled by Adigun and Oluwashola with the pretext of repaying money she lent them during their interactions, via the internet.

Adigun, who introduced himself as Chris Walters of Nottingham, UK, and did his business in Ghana, invited the complainant to Ghana on three occasions to verify his business.

The accused later told Ms. Wiesent of some gold kept in a room which he intended giving to the accused, though she had not shown any interest in it.

Adigun, through the assistance of a supposed lawyer (now at large) managed to secure 15,500 Euros and 35,000 dollars from the complainant before receiving other transfers through Western Union, Ecobank and the Guarantee Trust Bank.

By Malik Sullemana    

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