German Chancellor Hails Berlin Wall’s Fall

German Chancellor Merkel addresses a news conference after talks in BerlinThe fall of the Berlin Wall has shown the world that dreams can come true and “nothing has to stay as it is”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said.

Speaking 25 years after the event, Mrs Merkel said the message for those in countries where rights were threatened was that things could get better.

Earlier she attended a service for the former East German regime’s victims.

The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to stop people fleeing from communist East Germany to the West. Its fall in 1989 became a powerful symbol of the end of the Cold War.

Later in the day white balloons marking a stretch of the wall will be released to symbolise its disappearance.

The day’s events began with a brass band playing, evoking the trumpets which brought down the walls of the biblical city of Jericho.

Chancellor Merkel, who grew up in East Germany, and other officials laid roses in one of the remaining sections of the wall.

Mrs Merkel said it was easy to forget what had happened and it was important to remember it.

“We can change things for the better,” she said. “This is the message for… Ukraine, Iraq and other places where human rights are threatened.

“The fall of the Wall showed us that dreams can come true. Nothing has to stay as it is.”

Recently Ms Merkel has revealed more details about her movements on the day that the Wall opened.

She told German TV on Saturday that she joined crowds heading towards West Berlin after a visit to the sauna, describing “an incredible feeling of happiness”. 


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