GEC wants Education Unit status

Rev. Dr Setorwu Ofori, GEC Moderator

Rev. Dr Setorwu Ofori, GEC Moderator

The Global Evangelical Church (GEC) has appealed to the Ghana Education Service to grant an Education Unit to the Church to facilitate effective coordination for its mission schools.

Right Reverend Dr Setorwu Ofori, GEC Moderator, speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Synod of the Church, said granting the Church an Education Unit status would contribute in no small measure to supporting government promotion of education.

The four-day event has the theme, “Thy Kingdom come; living the Kingdom Life.”

Synod is the highest decision making body of GEC and it meets every year to deliberate on the challenges and progress of the church.

He said the spiritual, moral and academic upbringing of children has been an area of prime focus of the Church, and to this end, the 24 basic schools established continued to provide Christian education to about 10,000 children in communities.

He said the Church believes in supporting government’s agenda of providing quality basic education for all children in Ghana especially because the government alone could not offer quality education.

“Its focus on Christian education also ensures development of Christ-like character in children, which is relevant for curbing corruption, indiscipline, moral degradation and other social vices in our nation,” he added.

He said the Church was in the process of developing a 10-year strategic plan but while efforts were in place to start, leadership has put in place a two-year strategic plan to guide its work in the interim.

The Moderator said the 2016/2017 interim strategic plan seeks to focus on the following thematic areas including administration and human resource management, physical structure development, evangelism and discipleship.


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