GBF to form regional federations

Gideon Quartey - GBF PresidentThe Ghana Boxing Federation (GBF) has announced plans for the formation of regional amateur boxing associations by the end of the year.

Consequently, the GBF is urging public spirited individuals and boxing enthusiasts from all 10 regions to send applications to its secretariat in Accra or through email: or

Speaking to the Times Sports yesterday, Mr. Gideon Quartey, President of the Federation said applications would be invited from amateur boxing lovers to hold positions including regional chairman, vice chairman, organiser, treasurer, secretary and two board members.

The move, he explained, was to make the sport vibrant in the regions with the view of strengthening the national team to attract boxers from every part of the country.

Mr. Quartey said despite efforts to strengthen amateur boxing in the regions, the absence of recognised regional bodies appear to have hampered their progress and was of the view that a substantive body can speed up the process.

But that has also been delayed by the absence of an authentic legal document to back an election at that level.

In the light of this, the GBF, he said would appeal to people with interest to apply for any of the positions, attend an interview and based on the outcome, be appointed to administer the sport in the various regions.

Meanwhile, the GBF is banking its last hopes of qualifying to the Olympic Games on a tripartite scheme adopted and approved by AIBA, IOC and national federations.

The system allows a certain quota to federations whose boxers fail to qualify from the several platforms to gain wild cards based on their records and level of activity.

In some instances, a panel will review their past fight to judge whether a boxer qualifies for a slot or not.

Having failed to make it to the last world championship in Venezuela, Mr. Quartey told the Times Sports the GBF will present four boxers – Annan Ampiah Akimos, Musah Rahman Lawson, Mohammed Azumah and David Bawa.

He sounded optimistic about their chances because of the quality of some of the boxers that were defeated by the Ghanaians in previous meetings but went on to qualify at the world championship which the Ghanaians failed to attend.

By Andrew Nortey

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