Gbese Stool inducts traditional councillors

Nii Kootse I, Chief of Kpobiman swearing the oath of allegiance to Nii Ayi-Bonte, Gbese Mantse

Nii Kootse I, Chief of Kpobiman swearing the oath of allegiance to Nii Ayi-Bonte, Gbese Mantse

The Gbese Traditional Council on Saturday inducted another batch of traditional councillors from some of the towns in the hinterland under the jurisdiction of the Gbese Stool.

The seven councilors which included a chief and queenmother are Nii Obodai Gbetse I, Dzasetse of Kpobiman, Nii Tettey Tesaa I, Seitse of Kpobiman, Nii Odum I, Shipi of Kpobiman, and the Chief of Kpobiman, Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I.

The rest are Naa Okailey Adjorbo I, Taifa Manye, Nii Tetteh Ameh II, Kwabenya Dzasetse, and Siriki Samari I, Accra New Town Oblahii Mantse.

The inductees swore an oath of allegiance to Nii Ayi-Bonte, Gbese Mantse, after which a ram was slaughtered, before being officially welcomed to the palace after the rituals as custom demands.

They were admitted into the Inner Chamber of the Palace amidst a loud applause from onlookers after which they held a maiden meeting with the principal elders of the stool.

The short meeting was briefly opened to the media before the councillors held the rest behind closed doors, which bordered on advices and strict adherence to the Standing Orders of the Council Meeting.

Nii Ayi-Bonte advised the inductees to eschew the tendency of complacency and pride and rather become the servant of the people who have bestowed their trust in them.

He cautioned that the chieftancy administration was not a position to lord over the people, but rather an opportunity to serve the people to bring progress into the various communities.

Nii Ayi-Bonte said the onus, therefore, fell on the leaders to display a high degree of integrity, honesty and sense of unity which made leadership accountable to the people.

He advised them to live above reproach through their public appearances and utterances adding that, the Gbese Stool would always be available to help guide the rapid development in the various areas.

Nii Amasa Oseiku, Amasaman Mantse, who happened to be one of the longest serving councilors of the Gbese stool advised the inductees to be to accommodating to differing opinions since that was one of the hallmarks of good leadership.

He expressed his happiness about the way some of the elders had sacrificed their entrenched positions to ensure peace and unity in their communities.

Nii Oseiku advised them to sustain the unity and bury all differences in the name of forging forward to bring progress in their communities.

Nii Kootse, on behalf of the inductees thanked the Gbese stool for reposing confidence and assured that they would put up their utmost best to live up to expectation in order to justify the trust in their ability to help steer the affairs of the Gbese Stool.

By Lawrence Markwei     

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