Gbenga: Bukom Banku is a local champion



US-based Michael “Amazing” Gbenga would not give up on avenging his first career defeat to Braimah “Bukom Banku” Kamoko.

Gbenga has issued a strong response to the undefeated Kamoko’s dismissal of a rematch between the duo.

Gbenga, initially, issued a video vowing to stop Kamoko but “Banku” would have none of it, slamming the door shut on a possible rematch against the boxer he defeated in April 2005, by citing Gbenga’s record of eight straight defeats and 14 losses in his last 15 fights.

But Gbenga has jabbed right back, delivering an ‘uppercut’ to Kamoko’s enviable 28-0 record.

“Hey Banku, I say you don’t have what it takes and I will knock you out,” Gbenga began.

“Thank you for reminding me about my record! My record reflects the fact that I refuse not to be a ‘local champion.’ Instead I swim in the ocean of world champions and compete with the best in the world,” the 36-year-old Gbenga continued.

“You and I both know that it’s not about records but the opponent you fight. Who have you fought in the last five years? I have fought the best in the world, I am in shape and have more experience than you can ever gain in your next, or last ‘six years’ of your career,” Gbenga teased.

“Your show against the unfit Powers proved nothing to the world. You struggled and laboured to beat the man on two occasions, whereas I, in my first encounter, finished Powers and knocked him out,” Gbenga further pointed out.

The Nigerian-born Gbenga also took a swipe at Kamoko’s declaration that he is now targeting the biggest names in his division as he pursues a world championship.

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